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Hello! My name is Chris Burgess and I’m a technology enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve been involved with, and enjoy presenting on technical topics to various industry and user groups. I currently help run the Melbourne WordPress User Meetup and Melbourne SEO Meetup. I’ve also previously assisted running the Melbourne Macromedia (later Adobe) User Group, the Melbourne PHP User Group, and for several years I was the Victorian Chapter President for the System Administrators Guild of Australia (SAGE-AU), recently renamed to the Information Technology Professionals Association (ITPA).

I’ve written for companies such as Microsoft, GoDaddy, SitePoint and Automattic. I enjoy presenting and training, please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information. Below are the topics I’ve spoken about – mostly at local Meetups in Melbourne:

  • Getting Started with Google Data Studio (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • Professional WordPress Security (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • WordPress Hosting Basics (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • Improving the WordPress Ecosystem with Tide (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • Deep Dive into Yoast SEO 7 (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • Bootstrapping eCommerce with WordPress and WooCommerce (Big Digital Adelaide 2017)
  • WordPress and SSL/HTTPS (Melbourne WordPress User Meetup)
  • Introduction to WooCommerce (Melbourne WordPress User Meetup)
  • Is My WordPress Site Hacked? Identifying a Compromised Website (Melbourne WordPress Developer Meetup)
  • Choosing the Right WordPress Theme (Melbourne WordPress User Meetup)
  • Spreading the Word on WordPress Security (SitePoint Webinar)
  • Head Slapping WordPress Security (Big Digital Adelaide 2016)
  • Open Source Marketing Tools (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • WordPress Hosting Basics (Melbourne WordPress User Meetup)
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Open Source (with Rik de Boer) (Byte Into IT Program on Triple R)
  • WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks (Melbourne SEO Meetup/SEMrush Live Webinar)
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • Your New Year Website Resolutions – Review, Refresh and Regroup (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • WordPress, JavaScript, Melbourne Developer Communities (Byte Into IT Program on Triple R)
  • WordPress Security (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • 40 of the Most Popular WordPress Plugins (Warrandyte WordPress Meetup)
  • SEO Basics for Bloggers (Fashion Forward, Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival)
  • WordPress SEO (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • SEO Q&A Panel – MC (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • Learn SEO Event (Envato Event)
  • SMX Sydney 2015 Overview and Highlights (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • Why WordPress Security Plugins Aren’t Enough (Warrandyte WordPress Meetup)
  • WordPress Menus – Creating and Managing Menus (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • WordPress Themes Demystified (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • What’s New in WordPress 4.0 (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • Hardening WordPress (Melbourne WordPress User Meetup)
  • SMX Sydney 2014 Wrap Up (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • SEO 101 (Melbourne Hub)
  • Installing WordPress The Right Way (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • WordPress, Domain Names and Web Hosting Basics (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • Introduction to SEO and WordPress SEO (with Peter Mead and Michael Jones) (Melbourne WordPress Meetup)
  • The Need for Speed – Web Performance Optimisation (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • Stuff – 100 Random Slides (BeachPress Victoria 2013)
  • Social Media Security (Melbourne HootUp)
  • Capturing Data with WordPress (with Suzanna Greendale) (Bendigo WordPress Meetup)
  • EMDs and SEO (Melbourne SEO Meetup)
  • SEO, Rich Snippets and Analytics with WordPress (Bendigo WordPress Meetup)
  • Twitter Bootstrap (Bendigo WordPress Meetup)
  • The Future of Google+ (Melbourne HootUp)
  • HootSuite Basics (Melbourne HootUp)
  • Managing Lots of WordPress Sites (Bendigo WordPress Meetup)
  • Introduction to WordPress/WordPress Intermediate (Bendigo WordPress Meetup)
  • WordPress Security (WordPress Meetup)
  • Developing for iPhone (Adobe User Group)
  • Google Mapplets (Adobe User Group)
  • Chair: The 2008 SAGE-AU Victorian IT Symposium (SAGE-AU)
  • Getting Things Done, Lifehacking and Time Management for System Administrators (SAGE-AU)
  • Amazon Web Services Explained (Adobe User Group)
  • Puppet (Automating and Managing System Builds and Configuration Part 2) (SAGE-AU)
  • Automating and Managing System Builds and Configuration (with John Stern) (SAGE-AU)
  • Chumby Part 2 – Creating a Widget with Flash CS3 (Adobe User Group)
  • Chumby and Flash Lite 3.0 (Adobe User Group)
  • An Introduction to Microformats (Adobe User Group)
  • Chair: Spam Open Forum – Part Two (with Maurice Castro) (SAGE-AU)
  • Insecurity 2.0 – Securing Next Generation and Rich Internet Applications (Adobe User Group)
  • Chair: Privacy Workshop (SAGE-AU)
  • The Adobe Apollo Alpha – Rich Internet Applications on the Desktop (Adobe User Group)
  • Chair: Spam Open Forum (with Maurice Castro) (SAGE-AU)
  • Web 2.0 is not a dirty word – or is it? (Adobe User Group)
  • Building Secure Web Applications (Melbourne PHP User Group)
  • Chair: The 2007 SAGE-AU Victorian IT Symposium (SAGE-AU)
  • Network Security Monitoring with Open Source Tools (SAGE-AU)
  • Web Application Security (Open Source Developers’ Conference 2006)
  • Web Technologies (Apple Users Society of Melbourne)
  • Monitoring Anything and Everything with Nagios (Open Source Developers’ Conference 2005)
  • Building a Two-Way SMS Gateway (with Dean Tedesco) (Melbourne PHP User Group)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (Open Source Developers’ Conference 2004)
  • Web Application Security (Macromedia Users Victoria)
  • Nagios (Melbourne PHP User Group)
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Web Applications (with Ben Balbo) (Melbourne PHP User Group)
  • Flash and Search Engine Optimisation (Macromedia Users Victoria)
  • Introduction to PHP (Melbourne PHP User Group)
  • Spyware and Security Monitoring with Open Source Tools (Australian UNIX User Group Digital Pest Symposium)
  • Flash 3D (Macromedia Users Victoria)
  • Web Application Security (Melbourne PHP User Group)
  • Mobile Device Technologies (Macromedia Users Victoria)
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