Professional WordPress Security at the Melbourne WordPress Meetup

Last month at the Melbourne WordPress Meetup, we held an open Q&A panel. The vast majority of questions were related to WordPress hosting and security, so I offered to do a talk on how to help secure WordPress.

Information Security has been in the Australian media spotlight in recent weeks, the news of breaches hitting on an almost daily basis. With the popularity of WordPress and its diverse user base, security is something that often gets neglected. Regardless if you’re a web developer, web designer or website owner, we can all contribute to the security of the websites we work on.

Thanks to LaunchPad and group sponsors WP Engine, Plesk and Conetix.

WordPress Security at the Melbourne WP Meetup

Thanks also to everyone that came along. Security can come across as a dry topic, but it’s an area that becomes more important by the day.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the references at the end of the slide deck. And if you’re in Melbourne, the OWASP AppSec Day conference is being held on the 1st November. For more info visit