WordPress SEO Talk at the Melbourne WordPress Meetup

SEO is always a fun topic to talk about. It’s a fast-moving, vast topic, that always leads to interesting and challenging questions.

I gave an introductory level talk on WordPress SEO, covering basic SEO, onsite and offsite factors, keyword/topic and content strategy, WordPress SEO by Yoast, the future of search and a few recommendations for helping learn more about SEO. Below is the link to my slides, some of the slides might not make sense out of context from the presentation, but I’ve tried to make sure that it’s useful for those that couldn’t attend.

I had a few comments and great questions from attendees, so I’ve update the material with a few extra slides. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Talk on WordPress SEO at Melbourne WordPress Meetup

Thanks to Steven Cooper from PayPal for the photo.

The other talk of the evening was titled Getting Social with WordPress by Amy Christian from Automattic. You can find the slide deck and references here.

For those that are keen to learn more about SEO or search in general, I’ve created a page on SEO Training in Melbourne where I’ll list free training events just like this one.