Melbourne SEO Meetup – WordPress SEO Tips and Tricks

The Melbourne SEO Meetup tried something different for our April event.

This month we streamed the live meeting at Melbourne online. We had people joining us from all corners of the globe, which was quite cool.

Melbourne SEO Meetup
Melbourne SEO Meetup – Live Audience

We had four talks that covered a variety of subjects ranging from copywriting, ecommerce strategy, conversion rate optimisation and WordPress.

The line-up consisted of:

It was a fun event, even though it was a longer Meetup than usual. Next time we do something like this, we’ll take on the feedback from the regular members and those that joined online.

The topic I covered was WordPress SEO tips and tricks. The most interest on the night seemed to be around schema plugins and rich snippets, so stay tuned – in the coming months we’ll be holding dedicated presentations on these topics. For anyone interested, here’s my slide deck from the night.

Thanks also goes out to Olga from SEMrush for helping organise the event and speakers!