The Simplest Local Web Server

For local development or testing, most techies have their favourite environment such as Docker, VMware or XAMPP/WAMP/MAMP. However, I came across this and thought it’s worth posting about. It’s a little Chrome app called Web Server for Chrome that lets you serve files from a folder of your choice. It’s suitable for HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and this is enough for a lot of modern projects (or components of modern projects) and front end development on your local machine.

Here’s what Web Server for Chrome looks like:

Simple Local Web Server

You can get it from here:

With brilliant remote tools like CodePen, JSFiddle and the numerous other “playgrounds”, it may or may not be useful for some. And of course you don’t need a local web server to open static web sites, but this has a few features that makes it worth looking at.

It isn’t meant to be full featured, however it will come in handy those looking for something quick and easy to setup with virtually no overheads and that will also work when offline.