Big Digital Adelaide 2016 Live Blog

The Big Digital Adelaide conference kicked off this week – from June 7-8, 2016 at The Science Exchange. Below you’ll find a few of my highlights and resources.

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You can check the official Big Digital Adelaide conference website and conference schedule.

Big Digital Adelaide
Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar) interviewing Gary Illyes (@methode) at Big Digital Adelaide



Day 1, Opening Keynote – Rock Your Super Heroes: Melanie Spring – Sisarina

Melanie Spring opened Big Digital by jumping into how to think differently and build motivated teams. Melanie’s passion was contagious! She gave the audience plenty of homework, critical stuff if you work in a team – you’ll know how important it is to be happy! 🙂

If was a brilliantly inspiring talk, check out more about Melanie Spring from Sisarina:

Get the Game & Rock Your Team:

Melanie’s Podcast: Adventures in Branding:

The Internet is People! Optimising for User Experience: Woj Kwasi – Kwasi Studios

I’ve been following Woj for a very long time, his session covered how important it is to focus on the user.

He talked about users, context and covered some great real world examples, as well as a bunch of great tools:

  • FullStory
  • Hotjar
  • Lucky Orange
  • CrazyEgg
  • Mouseflow
  • Inspectlet

And more..

This talk should be mandatory material for all web developers and marketer. Awesome stuff!

How To Use Google AdWords Without Throwing Your Dollars Down The Drain – Karen Dauncey

Understanding the Art of Link Earning – Dan Petrovic

Dan talked about the value of tapping into current news.

  • Rising Topics
  • Controversy
  • Research, surveys, data etc.

He explained why earning journalist attention is hard (and why it should be hard). Dan gave an example of how gets data using Google Consumer Surveys, to collect your own data to compile it using the best representation.

Remarketing, it’s more than just Cart Abandonment – Amy Who?

Social Media Pay to Play – Simone Douglas

Plan To Create Content That Matters – Joshua White

Joshua talked about the importance of being strategic when it comes to content.

A few of the key takeaways were:

  • Know your message
  • Know your objectives
  • Know your audience

Local Search in the Land of #Oz – Casey Meraz

Paying for SEO: A Blueprint for Determining Good Review Sites & Paid Lists – Garrett Mehrguth

Winning Paid Traffic With WordPress – Peter Mead

Redirection – WordPress plugin for managing redirects:

Insert Headers and Footers – Help using tracking code, or adding code into headers and footers:

Google Tag Manager – Help implementing Google Tag Manager (GTM) in WordPress:

Google Tag Manager Chrome Extension:

Talk to the Spider – Dawn Anderson

Mobile Visibility to the Max! 2016 Edition – Aleyda Solis

Why The Hell Should We Care About CRO? – Bryant Garvin

Tackling Attribution Across Paid Media – John McGowan

Why Analytics Is Your Easy Win – John Clayton

Why Featured Snippets Are Good – Jennifer Slegg

Investing In Digital ‘Real-Estate’ – How You Can Buy Websites And Get Instant Traffic, Rankings And Cash-Flow – Matt & Liz Raad

Matt and Liz Raad talked about how to think about digital or virtual real estate. They presented some of their own purchases of established sites and gave examples of some reported sales. With a background in buying and selling brick and mortar businesses, they applied the same methods to digital assets.

Keynote – I’m Gary Illyes, Ask Me Anything



Day 2, Keynote – Real Australian Business And The Ideas Boom – Fred Schebesta

Forget the Fairy Dust – Joel Klettke

A Not-for-Profit Perspective on Digital First Thinking – Tania Cavaiuolo

Everything You Need to Know about Panda – Jennifer Slegg

20 Content Marketing Tactics To Make Your Business Blog Go BOOM! – James Norquay

Site Symbiosis – Leveraging Content Development, SEO and Social Media – Danica Barnack & Kimberly Brown

Penguin Taming for Real Time Results – Sha Menz

Million Dollar Style On a Hundred Dollar Budget – Mike Esordi

Personalised Search and Content Delivery Just Got Real – Stelios Moudakis

That’s All They Wrote – Gary Illyes

Blog Better, Blog Less – Kate Toon

Head Slapping WordPress Security – Chris Burgess

I’ll be putting together a separate post on this one with more resources, based on the feedback from those that came along – stay tuned! My slide deck is below, if you have any questions, let me know! 🙂

Harnessing The Power Of Archetypes For Your Marketing – Gianluca Fiorelli

Visualisation: A Data Journey – Sam Daynes

Cheers To Podcasting! – Luke Robertson & Dave Ellis

App Indexing Lowdown – Mariya Moeva

  1. Traffic to site & app is not a zero-sum game
  2. For content apps, you can you drastically increase re-engagement and discovery
  3. Build a unified mobile strategy

30% of online shopping purchases happen on mobile

For more info on App Indexing:

  • High app engagement and quality, it can lead to ranking boost
  • More than 10,000 apps are using App Indexing
  • There are 200B deep links
  • 40% of searches on Android returns at least 1 deep link

Closing Keynote – It’s Paid Search Jim, But Not As We Know It – Michael Verghios

Michael covered what’s around the corner for search. He talked about IoT, with an interesting stat of an estimated 21B IoT endpoints available by 2020.

Michael also talked about voice search, plus the future of digital helpers — the following stat drove this home: currently, 25% of search on mobile is voice.




This post is a work-in-progress. If you have any changes or corrections, just ping me @chrisburgess. Massive thanks to everyone who tweeted, the event organisers — and most importantly the speakers!