Shopify and BigCommerce SEO Live Stream

As a WooCommerce person, I still work with, and actually like other platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, so I’m looking forward to the Melbourne SEO Meetup this week. With the recent increase in online shopping as much of the world is in some level of lockdown, it’s more important than ever to have a deep understanding of eCommerce SEO and how it differs from standard SEO.

The 2 talks are:

  • Shopify SEO by Peter Macinkovic
  • BigCommerce SEO by Tony McCreath

f you’re interested in eCommerce, this will be a great one! You can join the live stream at YouTube here, the recording will also be made available after the event. Links to the speaker and host Twitter accounts are below. Hope to see you there!

Slides from the talks can be found below: