Page Speed Testing Tools

Page speed is important if we care about our users. We know more and more visitors are accessing our websites and applications using mobile devices, and we know that performance is even more important when it comes to mobile.

Your web browser already has feature-rich developer tools, including performance data, but it’s still useful to use online page speed testing tools. Here’s a quick list of the better page speed measurement tools that I’ve come across. My personal favourite is – but I’ve listed a few other options if you’re interesting in comparing results, or developing your own tools.

Don’t forget to test your critical landing pages, not just your home page. (

Google Page Speed Insights (

Pingdom Speed Test (

GTmetrix (

Akamai Mobitest ( – a mobile testing tool by Akamai)

Test My Site by Google ( – an end-user focused test by Google)

If you’re looking at rolling your own tools, these might come in handy: (Demo:

I’ll add more to this list soon, this is just to get the ball rolling!