Open Source Developers’ Conference 2007

The Open Source Developers’ Conference 2007 is a conference designed by open source developers, for developers and business people. It covers numerous programming languages across a range of operating systems, and related topics such as business processes, licensing, and strategy. Talks vary from introductory pieces through to the deeply technical.

This year, the conference travels to Brisbane and will be held at the Royal on the Park Hotel (opposite the City Botanical Gardens), aiming to further build on the huge success of OSDC 2004-2006 in Melbourne. OSDC 2007 expects to welcome over 200 delegates.

Early bird registration until October 14th!

With three developer talks on at any time, spanning over the three days of the main conference, and the tutorials on the Monday before the main conference, there is bound to be something of interest to any developer. A new fourth track is dedicated to the business related topics and is sure to attract many additional interested parties.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Success in Development & Business”. An overview of the confirmed sessions is online, the program scheduling will be made available soon. The 2007 keynote speakers will be: Rusty Russell (opening), Rasmus Lerdorf, Paul Fenwick (dinner), and Nat Torkington (closing)!

OSDC 2007 will be held in Brisbane on November 26th-29th.

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