Moving WSUS Server Updates

If you’re using Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), there may come a day when you need to move the updates to another drive. Once WSUS has been installed, the WSUS Administration tool doesn’t let you do this, but you can do it using a command line tool called wsusutil found in C:Program FilesUpdate ServicesTools. I’m running version 3.0 SP1.

The command is:

wsusutil movecontent logfile.log x:WSUS

(where x: is the new destination)

If you have already copied the content (make sure you’ve set the correct permissions), you can run:

wsusutil movecontent logfile.log f:WSUS -skipcopy

NOTE: This is separate to the WSUS database itself, this only applies to the actual patches.

To see the other uses of wsusutil, run it with no arguments:

C:Program FilesUpdate ServicesTools>wsusutil.exe
Windows Server Update Services administration utility. Try:
wsusutil.exe help checkhealth
wsusutil.exe help configuressl
wsusutil.exe help configuresslproxy
wsusutil.exe help deletefrontendserver
wsusutil.exe help listinactiveapprovals
wsusutil.exe help removeinactiveapprovals
wsusutil.exe help export
wsusutil.exe help healthmonitoring
wsusutil.exe help import
wsusutil.exe help listfrontendservers
wsusutil.exe help movecontent
wsusutil.exe help reset
wsusutil.exe help usecustomwebsite
wsusutil.exe help listunreferencedpackagefolders