CoffeeSaint Nagios Status Viewer

If you run Nagios and are interested in displaying your statuses on a large screen, CoffeeSaint may be worth looking at. I haven’t tried it yet, but will be taking a look in the near future.

CoffeeSaint is a fully customizable Nagios status viewer. It grabs the status from a Nagios server and displays it in a fullscreen GUI. CoffeeSaint is compatible with Nagios version 1, 2, 3 and xi (and Groundwork).

CoffeeSaint screenshot, with transparency

The main features of CoffeeSaint are:

* Can display an image on the background (this can also be a URL)
* Remotely configurable via built-in webserver
* Handles all Nagios versions
* Can retrieve Nagios statuses remotely
* Can play a sound if the status goes to error
* Written in Java so should run on all systems (linux, microsoft windows, apple mac)
* Font/font size/background color/number of rows displayed are configurable
* Uses “least squares estimate” to predict error count
* Can show the status of multiple Nagios servers in one screen
* Sort-order fully configurable
* Can run in fullscreen mode – can also span multiple screens
* Can prioritize configurable hosts/services (using regular expression patterns)
* Can filter hosts/services
* Sparklines with performance data (plugin data as gathered by Nagios) and latency data

CoffeeSaint has been tested with a setup of 800 hosts and 5600 services.

Visit for more information.